This area is controled by Meedeniya Adikaram and it was Situated in King Seethawaka Rajasinghe era.After that ,at 1944 under the british empirement this are had been divided in to 11 Division.those areas were belongs to Dehigampal Korale and Patha Bulathgama .

After the long time this gammuladeni Position Transfered to Grama Niladari Division not only that Divisional revenue Office turned to the Divisional this period those 11 Division of the area Improved as GN Division up to 50.
After Change the Kachcheri System at 1992 the sub Secretary transfered as Divisional Secretariat and Assistant Govenment Agent became as Divisional secretary .
At 2000 the Yatiyanthota  Divisional Secretariat was divided in to 32 GN Divisions .DSCN0968

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